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ImailMG derives most of their business from referrals. In a recent campaign for Dark Timbers, a outdoor lifestyle apparel brand with a focus on the biking industry, ImailMG developed a strategy that would tie the social media for darktimbers.com with other noted websites and publications. We discussed the needs of the company, their relationship assets, and their overall goals. The opportunity to publish in DECLINE magainze was the perfect opportunity to feature Dark Timbers to a world wide audience.

Conquering Adversity   [hw]Ashley Wright[/hw]

This initial article lead to a feature article for Dark Timbers on the subject of rehabilitation (REHAB) from biking accidents. While the article did not directly market Dark Timbers apparel, it did lead the reader to learn more about the brand, and opened the door to publish a lead article in the following issue of DECLINE.

REHAB [hw]Ashley Wright[/hw]

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The article was a feature of DECLINE in the May 2012 issue. ImailMG developed the idea of a contest with the article. Dark Timbers used their social media to reach out to people who had suffered serious injuries from riding, and chose some of the most interesting to show case in the article. With the assistance of Dark Timbers, ImailMG produced all the content and media assets for the REHAB series. Every business has the opportunity to “think outside the box” and develop their media, methods, and attitude to best reach their audience. Our goal at ImailMG is to develop strategies for your business that improve performance across all media platforms.