What We Do


What Defines Success? iMail Media Group is a group of young media and business experts with a rich background in photography, videography, branding, graphic design, social media, and web design. With this background our passion is to assist early stage companies find their groove in the ever changing media world. Social media is becoming of greater importance for effective SEO, and can be a ongoing lead generation source. Our goal at Imail Media Group is to offer your company superior service, creative design, and talked about content.

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Does Your Company Have A Brand Identity?

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Company brands, like individual personalities, are based on behaviors and characteristics. The stronger the characteristics, the stronger the business brand image. Over time, these company personality traits become anticipated, expected and relied upon, forming an inherent “promise” between a business and its clients. Volvo built a reputation on safety. Rolex on prestige. Walmart on low prices. With social media on the rise, and increased transparency on the web, brands can no longer hide out, manipulate or dictate the message. Actions speak louder than tweets. This requires a new level of authenticity and commitment to a company’s core values.[/col]
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Most companies, (especially start ups and entrepreneurs,) in an attempt to simply get by and “make it,” lose focus and promise too many things to too many people. It’s a we-can-do-it-all mentality that fears than any “no” will lead to a loss of business — when in fact, it’s just the opposite. Saying no to incongruent clients and projects creates time and opportunity to say yes to the right ones. Common tag lines such as “No job is too big or small,” communicate little to nothing about your benefits or expertise. Much like people, companies that over promise, ultimately under deliver and disappoint, losing trust and credibility. That’s a brand fracture.[/col][/cols][/contentbox]

iMail Media Group works with each client to develop the strategy that is best for them, and makes reccomendations on what services would meet their objectives.