Contracted by Dark Timbers to follow up their first re[HAB] project, this edit follows MTB athlete Sean McClendon in his second year of rehabilitation as he takes to the trails in San Diego, CA. iMail’s Ashley Elizabeth Wright rounded up her crew to document his recovery process.

Traversing the hills of San Diego from early afternoon till dark, the crew and Ashley hiked bike trails to get the perfect shot.  Our client wanted a fresh perspective on the re[HAB] concept and wanted a rawer, more visceral feel this time around. So Ashley focused on the reality of serious rehabilitation and the results that are able to be attained with hard work, sweat, and tears.

For this project, iMail produced and edited the short film and provided the PR needed.

“Nothing is impossible. We filmed this edit a few days after my two year anniversary from double shattered hips and smashing my sciatic nerve via femur at National Champs in 2010,” says featured rider Sean “Griz” McClendon. “Near-death caused a time of doubt of ever riding downhill again. Last year we launched Re[HAB] and the edit inspired riders in a way I never imagined. Some told me it inspired them to push through their self-doubts and initiated their return to two-wheels. Inspiration is a two way street and since then, it has become my life’s mission to return to downhill mountain biking. This journey has been an empowering nightmare but the worst is behind us and the future promises that the sky is the limit.”

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